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Surprise Fruits Facts that You Probably Didn’t Know!


Fruits are my all time favourite. They are delicious and nutritious gift of nature having many varieties and different tastes. They can be found in every colour of rainbow. As far as I can recall, I don’t remember even a single day of mine going without eating any fruit. They are loaded with vitamins, minerals and dietary fibers which makes them a natural medicine. Their consumption is not only essential for the health and maintenance of body but they actually make your skin look radiant, young and glowing as fruits are full of anti-oxidants. Today, at breakfast while peeling my orange, I thought of sharing some of the amazing fruits facts you probably did not know before.

fruits facts

Did you know –

  • The study of fruits is called POMOLOGY.
  • A banana is not a fruit, it is a herb!
    Being easy to digest and highly nutritious, these are the first fruits offered to babies.
  • Strawberries are the only fruit with seeds on the outside. There are 200 seeds in an average strawberry.
  • Red-coloured fruits keep your heart strong.
  • Orange -coloured fruits tend to keep your eyes healthy.
  • Yellow-coloured fruits prevent you from getting sick.
  • Green-coloured fruits help in making your bones and teeth strong.
  • Purple and blue fruits help enhance memory.
  • Orangutans love eating mangoes! Mangoes are the most loved and the No 1 fruit in the world.
  • Dark green veggies have more vitamin C when compared to light-coloured veggies.
  • Apples stay afloat in water as they are 25 percent air.
  • A kiwi has two times the vitamin C present in an orange.
  • 7000 different kinds of apples are grown all around the globe!
  • Pineapples are actually berries and it’s ripening can be speeded up by making it stand upside down (leafy side down).
  • Horticulturists are of the opinion that banana was the first fruit on earth.
  • Dried fruits have more calories than fresh fruits as the process of drying reduces the water content and volume.
  • Half a cup of figs have the same amount of calcium as half a cup of milk.
  • Eggplants are actually fruits and not veggies. In fact, they are botanically known as berries.
  • The seeds of lychee are poisonous and should not be consumed.
  • A cucumber is not a vegetable but a fruit.
  • Tomatoes are not a veggie but a fruit. They are regarded as the world’s most popular fruit and have more genes than humans.
  • Eating an apple is a more reliable method of staying awake than consuming a cup of coffee as it gives you more energy. The natural sugar in an apple is more potent than the caffeine in coffee.
  • There’s a tree called SALAD TREE that sprouts 3 to 7 different fruits in the same tree.
  • One pomegranate can hold more than 1000 seeds.
  • The stalk, rind or skin of a fruit is typically more nutritious than the actual fruit. So, if you peel your fruits before eating them, you may be making a nutritional mistake.
  • Apples, peaches and raspberries are all members of the rose family.
  • Drinking Grapefruit juice while taking some prescription medications can cause instant overdose and death.
  • The COCO DE MER palm tree has the earth’s largest fruit, weighing 42 kg and seeds weighing 17 kg.
  • Pumpkins and avocados are not vegetables. They are fruits.
    According to one study, avocados are the most nutritious fruits in the world.
  • Square Watermelons are grown by Japanese farmers for easier stack and store.

Hope you enjoyed reading these facts of fruits. If you know any other interesting fact, please do share with us in the comment section below!!


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