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15 Interesting Durian Facts

Rewind a century back or fast forward a century ahead of today, no matter where you stand and talk of the most notorious edible fruits known to mankind, you will always find Durian on the list. This super stinky fruit will remind you of a hedgehog at the very first glance. Take one sniff of this fruit and you will start thinking – “why the hell was I born for this day?” So, let us learn 15 interesting Durian facts and find out why, despite its disgusting smell, it is still called the king of all fruits.

Interesting Durian Facts: 1-8

1. Durian has a green or yellowish-green spiky skin which will immediately remind you of a hedgehog at the very first sight. However, contrasting its very unfriendly exterior, the fruit has a very inviting succulent, juicy and bright yellow interior.

2. Though the interior is extremely inviting as far as sight is concerned, when it comes to sense of smell, the olfactory senses will immediately cry out for help with a single whiff of the fruit. It is super stinky and smells like… um… we don’t know… may be rotten gym socks or probably something even worse!

3. This 1-foot-long and 6-inches-wide fruit is native to Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia. Some people consider it to be native to even Philippines but there is some controversy regarding this. Southeast Asian often call it as ‘King of Fruits’ despite its filthy smell.

4. The fruit has earned its moniker because of the numerous health benefits it has to offer. One of the first benefits that comes to mind is its ability to quickly replenish energy. Very rich in carbohydrates, 100 grams of Durian is capable of offering 21% daily carb requirements and enhances the energy levels quickly.

5. Those suffering with unhappy sex life can turn to this fruit because of its ability to enhance libido. Recent studies show that Durian has the ability to increase sperm mobility and reduce infertility chances in both men and women.

6. Durian has been found to be a rich source of folic acid which is necessary for the development of red blood cells. The high folate concentrates of Durian along with its rich iron and copper content helps to improve health conditions of anemic patients.

7. Those who are diabetic can enjoy this fruit if they are able to withstand the smell. Durian is rich in manganese which helps to regulate the blood sugar level and bring it down to the desired level.

8. Durian is perfect for those who want to lower their bad cholesterol. This fruit has absolutely zero cholesterol and has high concentration of monosaturated fats which are known for fighting bad cholesterol and keeping cardiovascular diseases at bay.

Interesting Durian Facts: 9-15

9. This fruit is also known to have good amounts of organosulfur which helps in regulating inflammatory enzymes known for causing cardiovascular diseases. Apart from this, the fruit is also blessed with high potassium content which is known to counter and maintain sodium content in body and regulate hypertension.

10. Durian is also high in dietary fibers and hence, those suffering from chronic constipation can greatly benefit from the consumption of this fruit. Not just that, the presence of niacin and thiamin in the fruit helps with increase in appetite and improves the function of overall digestive system.

11. Those who suffer with oxidative stress caused by presence of excessive free radicals in the body can also benefit from this fruit. Durian is rich in vitamin C which is known to be a very powerful antioxidant. Vitamin C fights free radicals, reduces oxidative stress and slows down the aging process.

12. Rich content of vitamin B complex, potassium and calcium helps to maintain healthy teeth and bones. Those who suffer from osteoporosis can eat this fruit to deal with the disease.

13. Durian has a wealth of antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin B complex and vitamin E. All these antioxidants are known to get rid of free radicals which have the ability to destroy DNA and convert normal cells into cancer cells. Thus, Durian can actually help to prevent cancer.

14. This stinky fruit is also known to cure insomnia. Durian is rich in tryptophan which, after entering the body, goes to brain and is converted into serotonin, producing a feeling of happiness and relaxation. This serotonin then floods the blood with melatonin, creating a feeling of tiredness and eventually makes a person fall asleep.

15. Durian is not really harvested in conventional sense. When the fruit becomes ripe, it falls off from the tree automatically. The fallen fruits are then picked up and sold. Well, given the size of the fruit, a falling Durian can be risky for any passerby. To prevent accidents, large nets are tied up with the trees at a certain height so that the falling fruits don’t lead to any mishap.

Did you know that many airlines don’t allow Durian because of their horrible smell?


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